About Us:



To be the leading player in Fast Moving Consumer Goods in terms of Market standing, Market share and Profitability in our region of operation.

•    Committed to provide an environment that allows a team of motivated and highly valued professionals to excel in their areas of competency and interest.
•    Committed to provide product offerings that have the highest salience, define the quality standards and have strong value for money position in the category they exist an.
•    Committed to provide an optimal distribution structure that allows for a high degree of market and
outlet coverage and ensures that our products are readily available in every market within the region.


•    Humility
       Treating all people with absolute respect.

•    Reliability
   Can always be counted upon. Meet  
   committed deadlines.

•    Trustworthiness
      Transparent & Truthful in all respect of  
      Halal ingredients

•    Robust and unmatched distribution network in all the region in Pakistan
•    Focused and organized approach to Food products
•    In-depth understanding of local consumer.
•    Maintain High Quality standards consistently in all our products
•    Excellent working relationship with our partners
•    High investment in Building Brands
•    Our People -high quality manpower

Product Groups

•    Syrup Range
    a) Vimto
    b) Ice Cream (Green)       
    c) Rooh-e-Samar (Red)

•    Jams/Jelly
    with real fruit taste
    (Apple, Mix Fruit,  Strawberry, B/Current  & Orange Marmalade)

•    Mix Vegetable Pickles
     1 Kg, 330 gram and 100 gram Sachet

•    Tomato Ketchup/Hot & Spicy Chilli Garlic Sauce
     1 kg & 350 gram pack

•    Chilli Sauce
•    Soy Sauce
•    Varieties of different kinds of Sauces
•    Vinegars

Our Dream
We strongly believe in the future potential of the market place we operate in.

We abide by the belief that building brands and investing substantially in marketing is the only insurance for future growth. We strive to add significant value in all that we do.

We seek to maximize our alliances and value with partners, distributors and consumers

We invite you, humbly. To come share our dream

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